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Raffle Rules

To stay clear of violating any rights or causing unwanted association, the exact card will remain anonymous. The card is a Topps Project 2020 Artist Proof X/20 that was ordered directly from Topps, and is in hand. The card is one of the first 50 cards released. With permission from the artist, the card will be revealed during the live drawing. Sophia Chang has donated a Signed (un-numbered) Roberto Clemente. The winner will receive BOTH cards!

How to Enter:

1 Entry = $10 Donation

2 Entries = $20 Donation

10 Entries = $100 Donation...

Unlimited Entries Allowed (1 Entry for Every $10 Donated)

1. Donate to Polina's GoFundMe

2. Forward your email receipt from GoFundMe to prjct2020.com@gmail.com.

3. We will reply with your entry #s.*

The Raffle will close on Friday, June 26 at 11:59pm PST.

1 hour after closing, all entrants will receive an email reminder of the live drawing and a public google sheet listing all entry #s.

The live drawing will be held on Instagram Live @prjct.2020 on Saturday, June 27 at 10:00am PST using this random number generator.

Good Luck!

*Please allow up-to 12 hours to receive your email

For any questions, email prjct2020.com@gmail.com, subject "Raffle for Polina"

Total Print Runs: 1,801,375

Single Set Value: $14,380 -$689

Market Cap: $43,454,493 -$2,860,142

Values Updated: 8/11/2020 1:55AM PST 


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