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Raffle for Polina

Hi, I'm Adam. I created this website. I'm originally from Los Angeles but when Covid-19 hit, I was in Ukraine on a business trip and due to travel restrictions, I've been here since. I've come to love this country and it's people. Through my new friends I was made aware of Polina, a beautiful 2 year old girl who is battling cancer here in Ukraine.

The Project 2020 community across all social networks has been great to me, and to give back, on behalf of the TP2020 community, We are offering a Artist Proof X/20 & Sophia Chang Signed Roberto Clemente via raffle (winner gets both cards), which you can enter by donating to Polina's family as they fight an unimaginable battle.

Click here for more details on how to enter.

Thank you. 

Total Print Runs: 1,801,375

Single Set Value: $14,380 -$689

Market Cap: $43,454,493 -$2,860,142

Values Updated: 8/11/2020 1:55AM PST 


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